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The inclusion of significant Maltese entities in the Focus Europe network marks a strategic expansion and strengthens European interconnection at the heart of the Mediterranean.

Focus Europe does not stop and continues to grow, constantly committed to promoting territorial realities and assisting local authorities in accessing and utilizing resources provided by the European Union. In recent weeks, in fact, the inclusion of the Local Council of La Valletta, the North Tramuntana Region, Local Council Bormla and the National Local Council Association of Malta into the Focus Europe network has been ratified.

These admissions represent a significant step in the association's expansion strategy and strengthen its presence in the Mediterranean, a crucial area for European cooperation and development.

This expansion not only highlights the effectiveness and appeal of Focus Europe's approach but also demonstrates a commitment to a more integrated and cooperative Europe.

The entry of these significant Maltese entities follows the broadening of the member base in Spain, with the opening of a new office in Malaga, highlighting the association's aspiration to weave an increasingly intricate network of territories that share the same ambitions and challenges.

The "Network of European Territories" project is a clear signal of Focus Europe's ambition to include more and more "territories" from the South and the entirety of Europe in its network. This goal goes beyond mere geographical expansion; it aims to create a true connective fabric between various local realities, allowing an exchange of experiences, knowledge, and best practices that can only enrich every single member and the entire European Union.

The importance of the Maltese entities' entry into the Focus Europe network, therefore, lies not only in territorial expansion but also and especially in the quality and strength of the interconnection that is created. These new links enable more effective tackling of common challenges, promoting local development in line with European policies, and actively contributing to the project of a united, solidary, and dynamic Europe.

In conclusion, the Maltese entities' joining Focus Europe represents a significant step forward for the association and for Europe itself. With this expansion, Focus Europe not only extends its influence but also strengthens the ideal of a cohesive Europe, in which local realities are the pillars on which to build a more prosperous and integrated common future.


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