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Week full of meetings for CAL Sardinia in Brussels to discover European Policies.

From 15 to 20 April 2024, a delegation from the Council of Local Authorities of Sardinia , led by President Maria Paola Secci and Director Luigi Mossa , participated in a series of meetings in Brussels.

The event, called " Green, Innovative, European: Sardinia projects itself into the future ", saw the participation of ANCI Sardinia , represented by its Director Daniela Sitzia , and students of the Master in Governance of the University of Cagliar , underlining the educational and prospective nature of the initiative. The organization was managed by Focus Europe , with the participation of the President Giuseppe Cappai , the Director Fabio Roccuzzo , the Deputy Director Francesco Gagliardi and the Head of Communications Cesare Festa .

During their stay in the European Capital, the delegation had the opportunity to meet officials and representatives of the most influential institutions of the European Union , including the European Commission , the European Parliament , the Committee of the Regions and the European Economic and Social Committee . On April 16, the delegation was a guest at the European Commission, where after a welcome and a presentation of the program by Dr. Nicole Peil from the Visitor Center of the Directorate-General for Communication, Dr. Alessandro Giodan illustrated the project BELC . Dr. Daniele Bianchi of the Legal Service explained the functioning of the Commission as the executive body of the EU. Dr. Ledri Hysenaj , Public Administration and Governance Unit - Directorate General Support for Structural Reforms illustrated the Compact initiative, while Doctors Francesca Raimondi and Maria Chiara Zingaretti of the Directorate General Regional and Urban Policy discussed the European Regional Development Fund and the Just Transition Fund. Subsequently, an in-depth study on European Energy Policy was held by Dr. Massimo Angelino , Senior expert - Strategies, political coordination and planning, inter-institutional relations - Directorate General for Energy. Finally, there was a focus on youth policies thanks to Dr. Leonardo Dongiovanni , Erasmus+ Unit, Youth and European Solidarity Corps - Directorate General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture

On 17 April the delegation instead made contact with the European Parliament , where it had a meeting with MEP Pietro Bartolo , who discussed topics such as civil liberties, integration, internal affairs and fisheries, topics relevant to the constituency of insular Italy.

On 18 April, a series of round tables at " Bastion Tower " and the Focus Europe headquarters highlighted discussions on regional policy and development strategies thanks to the presence of Francesca Raimondi , who had the pleasure of delving into the topics already discussed with the delegation and Dr. Nicola Lo i, Program Manager, Unity Italy, Malta - General Directorate of Regional and Urban Policy. There were successive interventions by experts and officials, including Dr. Massimiliano Cambuli , Coordinator of the European Affairs Organizational Unit of the Brussels Office of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, and Dr. Andrea Murgia of the European Commission. The discussion on URBACT with Dr. Antonio Ragonesi , Head of European Policies of ANCI Nazionale, was a significant moment for the mayors of the delegation, while the participants in the Master Governance were hosted at the European Economic and Social Committee , where, under the guidance by Dr. Angelo Pagliara , explored the role and functions of the EESC .

On 19 April, the meetings, again at the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions, with Dr. Pierluigi Brombo, Head of Unit of the European Economic and Social Committee, and Dr. Valeria Satta of the European Committee of the Regions, the delegation had the opportunity to discuss future policies and strategic planning.

This mission represented a fundamental opportunity to promote the sustainable and innovative development of Sardinia, enhancing local resources through access to new European strategies and resources. The strengthening of dialogue and cooperation between Sardinian local authorities and European institutions aims at a greener, more inclusive and innovative future for the island, transforming regional challenges into opportunities for growth and sustainable development within the European Union. The President of Focus Europe, Giuseppe Cappai , expressly praised the importance of the initiative: " This trip has strengthened our belief that only through dialogue and cooperation can we effectively face the challenges of the future. The interactions we have had here in Brussels are essential to bring Sardinia to a higher level of European integration and innovation."


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