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The Focus Europe Association was founded in 2007 with the desire to promote territorial realities, assisting local authorities in accessing and using the resources made available by the European Union


European integration offers significant development opportunities


Access to EU funding requires skills and professionalism



Finding your way in the European planning system requires particular attention to EU legislative production, constant monitoring of funding opportunities and open contact with officials of the Community institutions


Focus Europe provides personalized technical assistance to support the development process of local authorities and fosters dialogue with the institutions of the European Union


Our proposals are designed for Municipalities, Provinces, Regions, Unions of Municipalities, Universities and Educational Institutes





A4EUS - Action 4 Europe of Solidarity

The project, financed by the Sardinia Region, aims to offer technical assistance to the network of local Sardinian authorities so that measures can be implemented to compensate for the absence of specialized professionals in the knowledge of Europe and the tools it makes available to the entities premises, with the aim of supporting the employees of the municipalities of reference and the related offices with a return of the trained professionals, so that they carry out an internship alongside the reference municipal administrations during the entire training process.

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Vot-EU is a project co-financed by the European Parliament thanks to which Focus Europe has been the protagonist of communication actions in support of the European elections which took place from 23 to 26 May 2019. The project allowed the carrying out of initiatives aimed at providing citizens an objective and real information and has encouraged their participation in the electoral process through debates, workshops in schools and universities, discussion groups and information stands that have been installed in the main squares of municipalities in 8 different European countries.

Logo Progetto Territorio, Lavoro, Giovani e Lotta al Disagio Sociale

Territorio, Lavoro, Giovani e Lotta al Disagio Sociale nelle aree del Medio Campidano e del Sulcis

The project, funded by the Saregna Foundation, aims to increase youth employment on the Sardinian territory and reduce social distress by promoting the insertion of young people aged 23 to 35 in the job market and the start of self-entrepreneurial and professionals, providing them with opportunities to meet in the world of work.

Territori Solidali

"Solidarity Territories - Support to the social economy of young farmers and ranchers in Sidi Bouzid" is a project funded by the Sardinia Region which aims to promote the employment of young people in the Governorate of Sidi Bouzid (Tunisia) through support and extension of a pilot project of social and solidarity economy in agriculture, thanks to the support of sheep breeding and the production of cheese with artisanal methods for a quality product. The proposal came from the collaboration of the Municipality of Nuoro, a partner of Focus Europe, with its local partner of reference for international cooperation activities in Tunisia, the Association Méditerranéenne pour le Développement en Tunisie (AMDT), the Simple Agricultural Society Ulivo and the Municipality of Sant'Andrea Frius.

Logo Young Work and Territory in Sardinia

Young Work and Territory in Sardinia

Il progetto, finanziato dalla Regione Sardegna, ha l'obiettivo di offrire assistenza tecnica alla rete degli enti locali della Sardegna affinchè vengano attuate misure in grado di sopperire alla assenza di professionalità specializzate nella conoscenza dell’Europa e degli strumenti che mette a disposizione degli enti locali, con l’obiettivo di affiancare i dipendenti dei comuni di riferimento e i relativi uffici con una restituzione delle professionalità formate, affinchè svolgano uno stage di affiancamento alle amministrazioni comunali di riferimento durante l’intero iter formativo.

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Activities Archive

Throughout its history Focus Europe has been the protagonist of numerous project activities.

By visiting our archive it will be possible to view most of the activities developed by the association. From community projects to training activities.






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