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4 NOVEMBER 2021, 4.30 PM

Cyber attacks have increased during the COVID-19 emergency, with a clear preference for phishing and ransomware.

Nowadays, the defense of computer networks and citizens' data is becoming increasingly fundamental for a Public Administration.



So what can a Public Administration do to protect its data?


It is necessary to make a distinction between passive defenses and active defenses. 

Passive defenses are the classic antivirus, active defenses, on the other hand, are all those human behaviors that interface with the network and can put in place defenses, in fact, the first point of cyber attack is the weak link in the chain, the person that interfaces with the network. 

The inadequacy and unpreparedness on cybersecurity issues, since the latter matter does not fall within the job duties of a public employee, leads to neglect of basic job security, especially if it is not managed directly by the Entity (for example unencrypted communications, outdated antivirus, outdated operating system, etc.).


Focus Europe has therefore decided to organize a webinar to support its associates, and others, with a series of useful tips and ideas for dealing with these attacks, recognizing them, and thinking a priori about the countermeasures to start.

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