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Orienting oneself in the European planning system requires a particular attention to the Community legislative production, to the constant monitoring of the financing possibilities and to an open contact with the officials of the community institutions. These activities are not always easy for local authorities  even less for individual citizens.

Focus Europe periodically organizes courses, training seminars and information on European funding reserved for directors and employees of associated and non associated member organizations.

It also organizes stages aimed at young graduates from the territories of the associated administrations with the aim of creating and enhancing human resources with skills in community policies, European planning and international cooperation.

To complete these specialization courses, training courses are provided through agreements with Italian and foreign universities.

On request, the association also organizes conferences and infodays about Europe,,community funding programs and information courses for the promotion of culture and the development of the spirit of European citizenship.

The performance of the activities of local authorities requires constant reference to the action, decisions and opportunities of the European Union.

The training aspects are a priority for Focus Europe which proposes specific learning models for community planning and for each sector of the European Commission intervention.

In particular there are provided structured training as real laboratories for learning skills in design.

It is possible to organize courses both at the facilities provided by the institutions and in Brussels, in close contact with the European institutions.
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