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Services Offered

There are three main issues that local authorities, universities, schools are facing to actively participate and compete in Europe :

• information on the activities of the European institutions, but also on calls for proposals           output and reference documentation
• training type for the acquisition of the necessary design skills
• operational type for the elaboration of a valid project proposal.

Focus Europe aims to facilitate dialogue between administrations and public offices with the Community institutions in order to take advantage of all the development opportunities offered by Europe through design, training and information activities.

The association also aims to facilitate the participation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the territories concerned on foreign markets by encouraging internationalization processes, as well as fostering a network of cooperation with EU institutions and third countries.

Focus Europe also provides assistance to start twinning with other communities in the European Union.

To whom they are addressed

The services offered by Focus Europe are designed for Municipalities, Provinces, Regions, Unions of Municipalities, Mountain Communities, Chambers of Commerce, Universities and Educational Institutes.
Personalized technical assistance is provided to support the development process of local authorities and to promote dialogue with the institutions of the European Union.

Intervention sectors

Structural funds
Support to the territorial planning activity and to the project implementation within the structural funds of the 2013-2020 period.

Community programs
Assistance for access to directly managed European funds. Assist and support during the design and preparation of projects related to community policies

Training for municipal officials and managers
There are provided three different modules to fully respond to the training needs of public sector staff: from European legislation to access to the main sources of community information, to the different aspects of European planning.
Entry tests allow you to customize course schedules for each administration.

Training, information and animation activities for schools
The offer covers different paths for the promotion of European culture and citizenship:
• European culture
• Study and work in Europe
• Environment and sustainable development
• Europe at school
• Europe Day - 9 May
Addressees are high school students, teachers and school managers, teachers of the teaching staff.

Realization of Offices Europe and international relations
The proposal concerns the creation of a European Office and international relations designed as an integral part of the administrative system, aimed at the best use of community resources and the growth of the local system through better knowledge and application of European Union policies.

The members are provided with support for the development of internationalization projects and export promotion for the use of community, national and regional instruments and for the selection of foreign markets.

Online services
The members have the possibility to have a quick informative support. With the Alert service applications can be sent on programs and community calls that will be processed in a few days by staff experts.
The members also have the opportunity to spread projects and events of a European nature in their territories.
The newsletter of the association will also be sent monthly with the bulletin of open European calls and the European programs of interest for the members

How becoming members
To become a member, just fill out the form for the expression of interest. The coordination group will then take care to contact you and send you the documentation to formalize the application procedure.
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