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Covenant of Mayors

Focus Europe supports the associated Municipalities along the entire route envisaged under the Covenant of Mayors.

The technical and administrative assistance is aimed at facilitating the municipal administrations in the preparation of the tools, in the information and training of public officials and in the creation of networks for comparison and sharing of good practices in the energy field.

The adhesion to the Covenant of Mayors entails for the City Council's commitment to reduce, by 2020, at least 20% of CO2 emissions attributable to the territory of competence. To comply with this commitment, the Municipality will have to prepare and approve its Sustainable Energy Action Plan within one year of accession, review it every two years after approval and act continuously for its implementation.

The preparation of the Plan, the Basic Inventory of the Emissions, the Implementation Reports, the involvement of local communities in the process, the identification of financial instruments, require specific technical-scientific skills.

In this sense, Focus Europe provides its members with all the intellectual resources necessary to achieve the objectives set out in the Covenant of Mayors, promoting and enhancing European policies aimed at energy sustainability.

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